» The Alluvial Gold Report Qld
  § Summary
  § Introduction
  § History of alluvial gold mining
  § Geological aspects of Queensland's placer gold
  § Recent deposition of placer gold
  § Cape York Peninsula region
  § Georgetown region
  § Mount Isa Cloncurry region
  § Central Queensland region
  § Southern Queensland region
  § Deep lead gold deposits
  § Clermont region
  § Ukalunda area
  § Wenlock area
  § Palmer region
  § Russell River area
  § Charters Towers region
  § Rockhampton region
  § Cloncurry region
  § Alluvial gold production
  § Alluvial mining techniques
  § Sluicing (wet processing)
  § Dry blowing (air processing)
  § Discussion
  § Conclusions
  § Acknowledgments
  § References

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The principles used in early mining methods and the processes used to recover free gold from alluvial wash have changed very little. These principles involved using gold's extremely high density to separate it from gangue material using gravitational force. The metallurgical efficiency in the recovery of alluvial gold has increased with new technology introduced into the industry (Fricker, 1984, MacDonald, 1992). Apart from the technological considerations, many other factors are included in the economic analysis of a placer gold resource project (Richardson, 1986, Lawrence & Hancock, 1990). Some practical considerations for alluvial gold mining for north Queensland was described by Reynolds & Goode (1989). In Queensland each alluvial mining operations is subject to a strict Environmental Management Overview Strategy (EMOS) and a Plan of Operations which are under the Mineral Resource Act (1989) and the Environmental Protection Act (1994). Details of these regulations are available at any regional DME office. To recover alluvial gold several of the following common mining techniques have been used:

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July 1996, Queensland Government Mining Journal

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